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Wheelchair & Limited Mobility Access

Very few wedding cars have good wheelchair and limited mobility access, but with Betty being an ex Taxi, she was built with this in mind. Watch the video below to see how.

About Betty

Betty is an ex working London Taxi, so imagine the famous and infamous people who've graced her seats over the years!

She's a British made, London Taxi International TX1,  and her owner/driver named Eddie, sold her to us and retired to put his feet up in Spain. Good luck Eddie!

She's not an Executive Limo, or a classic or vintage car, but is a less formal option for those wanting a more relaxed experience. She's had 15 years of hard work on the streets of London, and done over a quarter of a million miles, but as these Taxis are designed to do a million miles, she's still in her prime! She was in relatively good condition, and needed minimal bodywork, before getting a makeover - a full colour change to Old English White, a new chrome grill and hubcaps, and a refurbished passenger cabin with new leather seats and new carpets. These changes apart, we've tried to keep her as authentic as possible.

And she is very practical as a wedding car, as she was built to carry people in comfort, (up to 5 people in the rear cab) with wide doors for easy access and plenty of interior space. Also, she's ideal as a second car for Bridesmaids, with even a built in child seat for a little one!

For a quote or more information, call 07967 391387, or email enquiries@whitetaxiweddings.com


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