About Andy

Hi, I'm Andy Poole. I was the Managing Director of a Specialist Insurance Company and I've been in the Service Industry all my life, so I know all too well that you're only as good as the service you provide.

I worked in a very price competitive industry and as a small provider, I couldn't compete on price alone, so the service I provided had to be second to none. The fact I kept some client companies for over 20 years means I probably looked after them ok!

Fortunately, we can now compete very well on price, but we will still bring that attitude to your special day, from the initial contact, right up until after the day is over! Your needs are paramount and will be met wherever possible! 

About Jules

Hi, I'm Jules Poole, and I too have worked in the Service Industry all my life, mostly as Company Secretary in a  family business. Being part of a small family firm, you wear many hats and perform many roles, and dealing with customers was very much part of my day to day role.

I am now involved with sales and social media. and I'm the reserve/emergency driver. I'll also be responsible for the turnout and decoration of the car and making sure the car looks exactly how you want it to.

You can be assured that:

  • we're house-trained
  • we scrub up well
  • we're VERY reliable
  • we're pretty unflappable 
  • and we have a decent sense of humour! 

And being romantics, we'd be privileged to share what is probably the best day in your life!